On the following pages you’ll find our current tour offerings. Your benefit: Because we are a travel company based in Addis Ababa, we act locally. We organize your trip personally and provide the majority of services required. This way, you can arrange the entire tour from one source with the guaranteed lowest prices and best service.

Each one of our tours has been compiled with great care. All the major attractions and highlights of each region have been included, as well as enough room for experiences off the beaten path with small discoveries along the way where you can explore many serene and beautiful places.

A major attraction of Ethiopia is its diversity. Therefore, we have created our tours with the purpose to capture as many facets of this incredibly diverse country. You’ll have the chance to discover both the highlands and the lowlands. You’ll gain an insight into the ancient Orthodox Christian culture while also learning about Muslim Ethiopia. And you’ll wander through fascinating mountain regions and relax afterwards at idyllic lakes in the Great Rift Valley.

You should feel comfortable on your journey and also have the chance to experience many new things. Therefore, all travel is planned via the most convenient road connections available and along the most scenic routes. For all overnight stays, we have selected the finest and best hotels and lodges available on location.

In order to create a variety of tour options, which are both entertaining and also not too arduous, we have also planned for the right balance between travel and relaxation.

Have you already found your dream tour? Book today! If not, contact us and we will work with you to create your own personal trip tailored to your needs. Our tour options can be used as an example of what is available and possible. However, we can of course adapt our tours depending on your time frame available and according to your interests.

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